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She created training based on latest edition of PMI’s PMBOK® Guide to be delivered to department staff who manage projects and to the department managers who sponsor projects.

Training classes include: An internet start-up company hired Cheryl to assist with project management standardization and process improvement for their newly established Project Services Office (PSO).

In my opinion, this led to the Jason/Trini fan-pairing among PR-Sentai fans.

As of late, I might include Luka who is also being fan-shipped with Captain Marvelous in Gokaiger. :-P There's seems to be a lot of chemistry between them in the whole series as well, denying what they feel but that's just speculation.

It could also be said that you approve of A and B as a combi, or that you "slash" A and B (as in "A/B"). However, since Tokusatsu characters are played by real people, please do implicate actors in the ships as opposed to their characters. Some examples: Sela/Leo (Jyuohgers)Onari/Javert (Kamen Rider Ghost)What are your favorite Tokusatsu characters ships?

Kuuga: Godai and Ichijou Agito: Shouichi and Hikawa Ryuki: Kitaoka and Gorou-chan Ryuki: Shinji and Ren555: Kusaka and Mari Kiva; Otoya and Yuri W: Philip and Shoutarou OOO: The Birth boys Fourze: Ryuusei and Jirou Fourze: Gentarou and Yukina Fourze: Ryuusei and Mei Gaim: Kaito and Mai Gaim: Kaito and Zack Gaim: Takatora and Gaim's sister Gaim: Kaito and Youko Drive: Chase and Kiriko Mega Ranger: The black guy and yellow girl Go-Onger: Jou and Gunpei Shinkenger: Chiaki and Kotoha Just hitting ones not done yet.

Some Maskman fans chose to ship Takeru/Red Mask with Haruka/Yellow Mask instead of Momoko/Pink Mask.

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It was fun to see how the two were that close and had some chemistry, both nearly got married to different persons and both really watch each other's backs.

At the conclusion of the consulting engagement, the IT PMO was implemented successfully, including: The Project Services Office (PSO) of the California Department of Water Resources contacted Cheryl to design and deliver project management training for the many engineers and scientists who manage projects for the department.

These projects cover a wide array of application areas including construction, environmental studies, heavy equipment refurbishment, information technology, grant management, and business process improvements.

Hibiki: Kasumi x Ibuki Kabuto: Renge x Tendou OOO: Hina X Ankh (super taboo)Wizard: Haruto x Rinko Drive: Rinna x Genpachi (already hinted at though)Abaranger: Ranru x Asuka (no regrets)Boukenger: Natsuki x Masumi (Duh!

)Gokaiger: Luka x Don (Doc)Kyoryuger: Yayoi x Ian (just a random thought) Jyuohger - Sela x Leo *grrrrrr*, Misao x Amu Gokaiger - Marvelous x Ahim, Doc x Luka Shinkenger - Chiaki x Kotoha, Takeru x Mako Fourze - Ryuusei x Tomoko Go-Busters - Hiromu x Youko Kyouryuuger - Daigo x Meeko Gaim - Kouta x Mai, Kaito x Mai Drive - Chase x Kiriko Ninninger - Kinji x Fuuka Jyuohger - Sela x Leo *grrrrrr*, Misao x Amu Huh.


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