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Kerby Associate Broker KERBY|townhouses Chairman's Circle Platinum Award Winner Delivering professional representation to Buyers and Sellers of NYC real estate requires broad knowledge and sharp focus.

Jim concentrates his practice on the Townhouse and Pre-War apartments that make New York City living so special.

With over 15 years of sales success in these markets Jim has developed the specialized knowledge, skills and contacts to assure his clients can enjoy these special homes the fullest.

The situation of Clinton county, in the central part of the state is mainly the cause of the superior quality of the migration thither, which character, so- cial qualities, aptitudes, traditions, modes of thought and action, thus brought in, contributed and still contributes to make the people of Clinton county, a superior class of American citizens, of which they and their descendants may well be proud.

Hitherto the movement has been westward; beginning at that spot in the Central Asia table lands, the generally acknowledged cradle of the race, immigration has ever been westward, thence on and on, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, settling first the Atlantic coast at the principal and most desirable points thereon, then crossing the Alleghenies, coming into the great Mississippi Valley, moving on in the same w estward direction, each group of immigrants on its own original line of latitude.

There are some exceptions to this law of migration, but as in all such cases the exception proves the rule, being due to special causes.

It's his firm belief that there is a lot of data out there …

but it takes a knowledgable professional to turn it into useful information for buyers and sellers.


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