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And what happens when life throws curve balls like illness or unemployment?My 87 year-old father's memory has evaporated and he can barely walk now.For various reasons I felt utterly disconnected from my family and friends back home, who were struggling with their own problems.

But what if you are in a peer marriage with egalitarian roles (as I am)?

My 83 year-old mother is still vibrant and spends most of her days acting as his nurse without complaint because she strongly believes that her love and attention are keeping him alive better than anything or anyone else could (and I think she's right).

What my parents knew - and I am still learning - is the real meaning of sacrifice in love.

Justin said his friend turned the gun on him and demanded that he help bury the bodies; Justin was, in turn, arrested and imprisoned.

I had pushed myself to get through my final year at Georgetown.


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